Septic Arthritis

Septic arthritis
- is the most dangerous form of acute arthritis, occuring due to infection of the joint which may be bacterial, viral, mycobacterial and fungal. Usually affects knees (in about 50%) but also wrists, ankles and hips can be affected commonly. Chronic form of this disease is rare.
Septic afthritis usually occurs in people who have suffered recent injury to a joint, have joint surgery or some kind of infection in their blood where bacteria are carried by the bloodstream.
Symptoms include single swollen joint which is very painful due to any kind of movement. Affected person can be febrile and can have increased leukocyte count and sedimentation rate (although many patients don't have neither of those symptoms).
If this disease isn't diagnosed and treated quickly it can be very dangerous because infected joint can be destroyed in a very short period of time.
The most common way of treatment includes intravenous antibiotics. Also analgesia and drainage of infected joints are commonly performed.